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We invest capital in the following aerospace focused startup companies

  • XTI Aircraft Company
  • Privately owned aviation business founded in 2012 to develop vertical takeoff airplanes
  • Using three ducted fans, the TriFan 600 lifts off vertically and in seconds the two wing fans rotate forward for a seamless transition to high-speed flight. Within just 90 seconds, the airplane reaches cruise speed – where the lift is provided by the wings just like every other fixed-wing airplane. The fuselage-mounted fan, no longer needed, closes up. The airplane flies directly to its destination and reverses the process. Landing vertically right where it needs to be – wherever there’s a clear helipad-sized paved surface.


  • Jetpack Aviation
  • First company to design and manufacture a true jetpack for personal flight
  • Jetpack Aviation is the only company to ever make multiple public demonstrations of a personal jetpack flight vehicle with over 400 test flights without any major incidents. Engineers are now ready to finish the design of the JB10 jetpack, and Jetpack Aviation is in place to manufacture and ship them to customers around the world.


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