Our primary focus is the acquisition, delivery and engineering modification oversight of commercial aircraft


Our Customers

Our services extend to aircraft owners, banks, aircraft leasing companies, and airlines.  

Our Expertise

​Our company prides itself on being a leader and expert in the aviation acquisition and technical consultancy fields. We have extensive expertise in all levels of aircraft asset management and work alongside various aviation firms. 

Our Promise

Customers have learned that Airfleet Acquisition Group helps empower them to improve efficiency and growth of their operations


Commercial Aviation Technical Consultancy


Specializing in oversight of aircraft maintenance and engineering needs:

  • Aircraft/Engine      
  • Redelivery Physical Inspection​
  • Aircraft Heavy      
  • Maintenance and C-Check oversight
  • Engineering      
  • Modifications and STC oversight
  • Pax to Cargo Conversions
  • F.A.A. DAR Technical Services
  • Aircraft/Engine Redelivery Tech Records Review
  • Lease End, LOI, and MOU Pre Purchase Inspections
  • Maintenance Program Bridging and Workscope Authoring
  • Aircraft Repossession
  • Reactivation of aircraft for ferry flight to next MRO facility
  • End of life solutions for Aircraft/Engines/Components
  • Aircraft Trading and Brokerage when requested
  • F.A.A. A&P consultancy
  • EASA to FAA aircraft de-registration/registration
  • RVSM A&P Task Card services

General Aviation Aircraft Sales


  • We conduct a worldwide market search to identify the best possible opportunities in the market place to acquire an aircraft best suited to your mission and budget
  • Pricing and valuation of pre-owned aircraft
  • Maintenance and inspection issues
  • Contract terms
  • Deposit structures
  • New aircraft pricing negotiation
  • Negotiation of liquidated damages
  • Privacy protection

General Aviation Aircraft Charters

  • We own a Part 135 certificate with principal operations in Anchorage, Alaska. Our newest operations is based in Fort Pierce, Florida which is in St. Lucie County We will be operational in 1Q of 2021. Our focus will be to fly cargo and passengers from Fort Pierce, Florida to islands in The Bahamas in propeller type aircraft where the market is underserved. Stay tuned for more info and follow

Commercial Aviation Expert Witness

  • We strategize with aviation attorneys and insurance companies for aviation related cases

  • Commercial airline plane crash survival experience by Bryan Cunningham provides unique, essential insight into any case

  • FAA  Airframe & Powerplant licensed since 1993

  • Qualifications include (2) Masters Degrees & (1) Bachelor's in Aviation from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

  • Calculations of lost earnings for airline personnel including pilots,mechanics, &flight attendants

  • Technical document reviews

  • Aircraft maintenance facility inspections

  • Sworn depositions

  • Testifying at Trials

Commercial Aircraft Leasing Industry Courses-Online

  We offer aviation courses focused on the aircraft leasing industry:

UAS/UAV Drone Photography


  • Part 107 Authorized  
  • United States F.A.A. Licensed and Insured drone pilot
  • Team of collaborative drone pilots, video producers, graphic designers, and 3D artists
  • Real Estate marketing aerial imagery 
  • Residential and Commercial rooftop inspections
  • Terrain and topographic modeling

Private Firm Venture Capital

  We invest capital in the following aerospace focused startup companies

XTI Aircraft Company

  • Using three ducted fans, the TriFan 600 lifts off vertically and in seconds the two wing fans rotate forward for a seamless transition to high-speed flight. Within just 90 seconds, the airplane reaches cruise speed – where the lift is provided by the wings just like every other fixed-wing      airplane. The fuselage-mounted fan, no longer needed, closes up. The airplane flies directly to its destination and reverses the process. Landing vertically right where it needs to be – wherever there’s a clear helipad-sized paved surface.

Jetpack Aviation

  • The only company to ever make multiple public demonstrations of a personal jetpack flight vehicle with over 400 test flights without any major incidents. Engineers are now ready to finish the design of the JB10 jetpack, and Jetpack Aviation is in place to manufacture andship them to customers around the world.


Bryan Cunningham, Managing Director


Bryan Cunningham has over 20 years in aviation beginning his career serving 5 years in the United States Air Force. He holds an MBA and a Masters in Management from Embry Riddle  Aeronautical University as well as a Bachelors degree from Thomas Edison State College in Aircraft Maintenance Technology.

He started as a ground support equipment mechanic in the US Air Force and was honorably discharged. His career with the airlines started right afterwards as an FAA certified aircraft technician with Tower Air on Boeing 747 type aircraft eventually moving on to his last airline position with Jetblue Airways as a technical representative with the heavy maintenance division. Bryan has worked for many different aviation firms including 5 different airlines as well as contract aircraft maintenance organizations and MRO facilities. He is knowledgeable in most aircraft manufacturers to include Boeing, Airbus, Embraer, and Bombardier. Along with the varied aircraft experience, he has worked with many different engine manufacturers including Rolls Royce, IAE, and GE.

His career positions include aircraft maintenance, aircraft planning, aircraft routing, system operations, program management, heavy maintenance oversight, along with management and supervisory roles. Bryan Cunningham has been responsible for projects including engineering modifications, winglet installations, WIFI installations, Satellite TV and Radio STC modifications, and C-check management.

Bryan Cunningham founded Airfleet Acquisition Group, LLC located in Miami, FL providing Technical Advisory Services to lessors and lessees. The company specializes in aircraft maintenance and engineering needs including heavy maintenance oversight, aircraft redeliveries, Lease End/LOI/MOU pre-purchase inspections, FAA consultancy, aircraft trading and brokerage when requested.

He was born in New York City and was raised in both New York City and Quito, Ecuador He currently resides in Miami, Florida. His vast experience has brought him all over the world for extended periods of time including countries such as Saudi Arabia, India, El Salvador, Brazil, Colombia, and Canada to list a few.


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